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Download Driver Acer Aspire One 521 Windows 7 32bit


LAPTOP DRIVER - Download Acer Aspire One AO521 Driver For Windows 7 32bit , Buddy Download Driver ID On this occasion we will add an Acer Laptop driver that is on our site, namely the Acer aspire one 521, first I compare the compatibility of the hardware with the software. The answer to the question "is acer 521 compatible to win XP"? I get that clear from the answer. I joined the forum discussing drivers. So, when we install acer aspire with model 521, it will get problems about driver support.

Safe to use windows 7 32bit operating system on acer 521. Below is a list of drivers for Windows 7 32bit.

NOTE: This driver is also compatible with the type of Acer Aspire 522 Except VGA Driver.

Download Driver Acer Aspire One AO521 For Windows 7 32bit

3G Module Driver

1. Huawei Version: 1.9 MB


2. Ericsson Version Size: 12.5 MB


Audio HD Driver 

1. Conexant  Audio Driver  Versi  Size 15.6 MB   


Bluetooth  Driver

1. Atheros  Bluetooth Driver  Vers. 6.15.0322.0301. Size  61.8 MB   


2. Broadcom  Bluetooth Driver  Vers  Size 58.7 MB   



1. Alcor Card Reader Driver  Vers.  Size 8.0 MB   


Chipset Driver

It include VGA Driver  for acer 521

AMD  Chipset Driver  Vers  8.713.1.0000  Size. 122.2 MB    


LAN Driver

Atheros  LAN Driver  4.6 MB  


TouchPad  Driver Acer 521 

Synaptics  Touchpad Driver  30.2 MB    


Wireless LAN  Driver

There two types of Wireless Driver

1.Atheros  Wireless LAN Driver  23.4 MB    


2.Broadcom  Wireless LAN Driver  23.0 MB  2010/06/08  


I will update for Win XP and Win 8 if i get the tested source

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