What Does HOUSING Mean To You?

What Does HOUSING Mean To You?
What Does HOUSING Mean To You?

What Does HOUSING Mean To You?, As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, for more than a decade, I would obviously, often be asked questions about the real estate market, pricing, and what's available. However, I believe that these questions and others, can only be properly answered and addressed, when done so, from the perspective, needs, mindset, and priorities of the individual asking! It is for this reason, I suggest that anyone considering buying a home, have a thorough discussion with prospective real estate agents, prior to hiring the one, best suited for him. Part of this discussion should clearly address what HOUSING means to you.

1. Home; hang hat: We've all heard the adage, A house is not a home, and how true it is! While a house is a structure, we develop an emotional attachment to our home, in many instances. It's where we celebrate wonderful life events, as well as endure painful ones! A home must meet our needs, physically, financially and emotionally. We do more than merely hang our hat there, but rather, many raise their families, etc. How many rooms make us comfortable and happy? What must the layout and configuration be? What should we consider when deciding what we want?

2. Options; opportunities: Break your want – list, into must – have, and desire! Prioritize your options, and be somewhat flexible, because no house will meet every one of the desired options, etc! Look carefully at the market, and seize upon an opportunity to acquire a home, which will best meet your needs, expectations, and desires.

3. Uses; unique: How do you expect to use this house? Can it be easily adapted, or would making a change be a huge, expensive. complicated process? Do you have any unique needs, etc? What about a specific house makes it different, and / or better, than others you've seen? Many houses have some unique features (or somewhat), and do you want and feel comfortable with the specific property's nuances?

4. Strengths; strong points: Can you objectively identify both the strengths as well as the weaknesses of a particular house? Do the strong points outweigh any perceived challenges? How useful and usable, will this house be, for your specific circumstances, lifestyle, and pocketbook?

5. Intentions: Is your intention to buy this house as a starting home, or keep for a longer period? Will it meet your needs? If you plan to flip it, in a relatively shorter period, why do you believe it's a good candidate, and what do you plan o do, to optimize your return? Houses we flip have a whole different set of considerations, from the homes we plan to spend a significant portion of our lives in!

6. Needs: Does the home fit your needs and expectations?

7. Good times; growth: How much growth might this house be able to easily, simply, and somewhat affordably handle? Will it be able to provide you with many satisfying, good times?

There is no right or wrong answer to what HOUSING means! However, it is important for you, to clearly know what it means to you!
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