Real Estate Agents: Do You Know And Understand Your BUYERS?

Real Estate Agents: Do You Know And Understand Your BUYERS?
Real Estate Agents: Do You Know And Understand Your BUYERS?

Real Estate Agents: Do You Know And Understand Your BUYERS, Most real estate professionals, traditionally, get to know and understand their sellers, far better than their potential buyers. For example, in New York State, every buyer can either be represented by an agent who represents the seller, or the buyer. A selling agent owes his allegiance to the homeowner, either because he is the listing agent, or broker’s agent. On the other hand, a Buyers’ Representative represents the buyer, as his client, and this owes him, the bulk of his allegiance and attention. While the former situation/ relationship is a customer relationship, the latter is one of a client! In either case, while most take time to learn as much as they can about the needs, etc, of a homeowner, few take the same amount of time or effort. learning about their BUYER.

1. Benefits: From the buyer’s perspective, what are the benefits of using the services of a quality, real estate professional, and, in particular, you? What is this individual seeking, and how might a particular property serve him best, in the most beneficial manner. What are the benefits and deficiencies of each property shown, and how can you indicate a keen understanding and consideration for his particular needs, concerns and priorities?

2. Usability: How will the buyer use a particular home? Does his meet his main needs and objectives? Have you asked for his wish list, verses merely what he’d prefer, or like? What potential for expansion, change, or adaptation, is there? Is the buyer looking for something he can move right into (and thus, willing to pay more for that), or does he have the vision, to see the potential, or what is often referred to as having good bones?

3. You; your: What about you, as the agent, will most benefit your potential customer or client? Is your approach the best one for him? Why should the buyer seek out your services, or be attracted to you, as compared to the competition?

4. Enriching: How might you, as the agent, enrich the experience of your client? How will you be certain to be, on the same page? Do you realistically know what someone wants, needs, and can afford? Have you taken the time to get to know each other, to be certain, it’s a good fit?

5. Rooms; region; reach: Is a particular property, realistically, within the financial reach of your client? Are there both the right number, and type of rooms, to meet the needs and expectations? Is the area, region, and location, the right one, based on transportation, schools, safety, and any other expressed needs or concerns?

6. Serves; solves: What type of house might best serve your client’s needs, and why? Does his solve his needs, and is it the best solution?

Your BUYERS deserve your best efforts and keen attention. Will you do all you can, to effectively offer it?
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