8 Benefits Of A COLONIAL-Style House

8 Benefits Of A COLONIAL-Style House
8 Benefits Of A COLONIAL-Style House

8 Benefits Of A COLONIAL-Style House, There are many different styles of houses built and lived in, including Colonial, Ranch, Split Ranch (Splanch), Split Level, Contemporary, Cape Cod, Gothic, Tudor, Mediterranean, etc. Different people prefer each style, and each possesses both benefits and weaknesses. In some areas of the country one style garners a higher selling price, in most cases, than some others, yet that should only be one of a potential home buyer’s considerations, in selecting the right style for them! Many consider Contemporary style houses, to be the most traditional, and one of the more popular, yet in some regions of the country, Mediterranean and Contemporary homes, have surpassed these. This article will discuss 8 benefits of a COLONIAL style house.

1. Classic: Colonial homes are often considered to be amongst the most classic homes in America. They fall into certain categories, dependent on their layout, but almost always include, a featured staircase, cohesive structure and design, etc. They come in a variety of sizes, and are somewhat easy to identify. They are extremely functional, with kitchen, dining room, living room, den, and bathroom on the first floor, exits generally in the rear to the backyard, a staircase (if it’s in the middle of the house, it is generally considered a Central Hall Colonial), and bedrooms on the second floor.

2. Organized floor plan: The layout of this style house generally is consistent, usable and makes a lot of sense. It is often considered to be a somewhat ideal layout for families, because most, if not all, the bedrooms are on the same floor.

3. Live(ability): How livable a house is, often attracts people to one style of house over another! Colonial homes are generally considered to be quite livable and efficient!

4. Options: These houses can be easily customized, to best suit an individual owner’s needs and wishes. You can create your ideal kitchen, expand the footprint, either have a formal dining room, or convert it to a Country Kitchen/ Dining Room combination. You can create a special Master Bedroom, if desired, keep it simple, etc. There is often a Master Bathroom, as well as at least one additional bathroom upstairs, and either a half bath, or full bathroom downstairs. These houses generally flow well!

5. Needs: They can be configured and adapted to fit individual needs and priorities!

6. Interests: Need a home office? Adapt a small bedroom to an office, or back again! How do you wish to design your grounds, entry foyer, staircase, etc?

7. Accessibility: If someone does not want stairs, this is probably not the ideal layout, although one might be able to adapt it for nearly any eventuality. Front and rear entrances, etc, are customizable.

8. Layout: Potential home buyers must consider whether the layout and design of this style of house, is well – suited for their needs, priorities and tastes.

Like most things in life, they wouldn’t make many different styles of homes, if there wasn’t both a need and a demand! This article briefly explained some of the reasons someone might favor a Colonial style.
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